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QSL cards arrived today

Kryptoradio QSL cards

Today, Joel’s got a package from LZ3HI. QSL cards. Thousand of them. So be prepared, in a week we are introducing QSL campaign for everybody around. We prefer reception reports of real DVB-T broadcast but due to huge number of cards available, we accept also reports of successful setups of listening to our brand new Internet gateway. :-)

For those not familiar with QSL cards: It is a written confirmation of either a two-way radiocommunication between two amateur radio stations, or as in our case a one-way reception of a signal from a broadcasting station. During the early days of radio broadcasting, the ability for a radio set to receive distant signals was a source of pride for many consumers and hobbyists. (Source: Wikipedia). Because we are also doing history with Kryptoradio project, and we like to share you a remembrance item of the first months of this project.

So, keep your receivers at hand or go buy a one if you live near the broadcast. We are looking forward of listening reports not only from Finland but especially from borderlands of Sweden, Estonia, and Russia! It’s tough job to receive the signal outside of the official coverage area, but take that as a challenge!

Version 0.0.2 of the receiver software will be available soon, too. Stay in touch!