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Slight delays but we are alive!

I’m here to report some slight delays in Kryptoradio project. But we are alive and it is probable that we’ll continue broadcasting for two more months, till the end of 2014!

Brief changelog of what has happened in this month:

  • New protocol version is in development. Most important feature is the support of ECDSA signing.
  • QSL verification messages are being broadcasted. All personal insults in the data are purely random. We are starting QSL campaign right after the new protocol version is finished.
  • IRC channel #bitcoinradio @ FreeNode is being broadcasted!

To do:

  • Release of more robust receiver which should be easier to compile and use, as well.
  • Bitcoin data source rewrite. This will hopefully finish in early November.

More information will come later this week. Stay tuned, literally! ;-)