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Kryptoradio continues!

Koodilehto has made an agreement with Digita for transmitting Kryptoradio to the end of year 2014. We continue broadcasting in multiplex E which covers 95% of Finnish population.

Joel has been busy with his other job which has kept the project a bit silent for some weeks. Meanwhile we have had some problems with our RS232 hardware which was fortunately fixed without replacing any hardware. Kryptoradio broadcast is up again after a downtime.

Our co-operation with Krypto Fin ry has ended. This means that the cryptocurrency FIMKRYPTO is no longer transmitted. The deal was originally for two months so nothing dramatical here. Now there is some spare bandwidth for transmitting data, including other cryptocurrencies. Please contact us if you want your data on air!

Also, Koodilehto is attending to the Slush14 startup event going on in Helsinki, Finland. If you want to talk with us there, just drop an email or tweet to @Koodilehto.