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Post-Kryptoradio update

Kryptoradio project ended in December, 2014 but the project is not entirely forgotten in the last year and a half. The project raised huge audience and there has been some serious commercial interest but nothing I am really interested in because they would destroy the original idea of Kryptoradio – distributing the Bitcoin ledger autonomously without Internet connectivity.

I want to thank all our supporters out there. Many of you really wanted this to happen globally. We were doing this mostly because of interest to the technology. The Bitcoin economy back then and even today is far too small to keep this running just on donations. On the other hand, putting in any subscription model would severely hurt the anonymity aspect of blockchain broadcasting. Therefore I lost interest to the project in beginning of 2015.

Since then I have worked with Bitcoin technology in Prasos Ltd. located in Jyväskylä, Finland. We have done great things such as Denarium physical bitcoins and an exchange service with a volume of one million euros per month. I believe the Bitcoin economy is still on this phase where bitcoins are for traders and collectors, although I see growing interest in peer-to-peer market such as OpenBazaar. If Bitcoin economy goes that way, removing the unnecessary middlemen from our economy, that would pave the road for Kryptoradio and other alternative ways for transferring financial transactions.

Also, I have become a licensed radio amateur last April. My call sign is OH6EYA. There may be some common ground between peer-to-peer cash and amateur radio. We’ll see what it is in the future.

Feel free to follow me at Twitter. I sometimes tweet in Finnish but hope it’s not too bad. @Zouppen